Delta-8 Premium Hand-Trimmed CBD 1.5 Gram XL Pre-Rolls


  • Our premium pre-rolls are made with ground-up high-quality hemp CBD buds, versus how many other people use shake or trimmings.
  • They average ~20% total CBD and have a smooth flavor, no harsh draw.
  • Unlike competitors, there is no filler.
  • These are the most premium pre-rolls in the hemp industry and packed into king cones for a whopping 1.5 Gram size.
  • We only use the highest quality RAW XL cones, and all our pre-rolls are packed into squeeze top doob tubes to ensure safe travel and smell proof seal.
  • All of our flower is great but we’ll choose the best available pre-rolls to send you for maximum enjoyment.

All Sir Ron Pierre Cannabis products are derived from industrial hemp, contain less than 0.3% THC, and are legal to consume and distribute in every U.S. state.



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