5000mg Caps Magic Amanita X Delta 9 Nano Gummies

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Caps Magic Amanita X D9 Nano Gummies 5000mg is a new epic gummy variations!

This Amanita Mushroom + D9 blend comes in a 5ct mushroom cap-shaped bag. Each resealable pack contains five gummies, each containing a proprietary 1000mg blend of nano-infused Delta 9 THC and Amanita Muscaria Extract.

Flavor Profiles:
Blueberry Sky
Pineapple Express
Melon Magic
Lemon Rose
Strawberry Dream


Good Morels has done several things to make these gummies that much better than the original. Being mushroom enthusiasts themselves, they understand that mushrooms and cannabinoids go hand in hand. That being said, why not offer a 2 in 1 product that covers everything! Delta 9 THC works synergistically with Amanita Muscaria to make its trippy effects and feelings much more potent!

The second thing that makes these better is their use of nano-technology. Nano-infusion takes the particles of Delta 9 THC and Amanita Muscaria Extract and breaks them down to be smaller.

These smaller particles are much easier for the body to break down and digest, meaning these gummies are now fast-acting! Users will no longer need to wait 45 minutes or longer to feel the effects. These Delta 9 + Amanita Mushroom gummies should hit users within 15-20 minutes.

Product Features:

5ct Resealable Pouch (5000mg Active Ingredients)
1000mg Proprietary Blend Of Delta 9 + Amanita Muscaria Extract Per Gummy
Nano Infused
Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety

All Sir Ron Pierre Cannabis products are derived from industrial hemp, contain less than 0.3% THC, and are legal to consume and distribute in every U.S. state


Strawberry Dream, Blueberry Sky, Lemon Rose, Pineapple Express, Melon Magic

10 reviews for 5000mg Caps Magic Amanita X Delta 9 Nano Gummies

  1. Jb

    Best product in Houston. No need to venture anywhere else.

  2. Tr3

    Had the opportunity to try this at an event they sponsored in November 2023. One word FIRE…..

  3. Ebony Dickens

    Tried these last night! Amazing product. Can’t wait to try more.

  4. Xavier

    Would I come back and get more! YES! Would I tell my friends and family! YES! Enough said.

  5. Thadd

    Hands down the best products that cannot be found anywhere else. Even better than products in OK and Colorado!

  6. Lance

    Best in Houston hands down, definitely worth it !

  7. Boog

    This is amazing. I felt so rejuvenated the next day after a night with this! Love this stuff

  8. John

    Had this sent out to PNW and it’s better than our shit. Open a store here!!

  9. John

    Had this sent out to PNW and it’s better than our shit. Open a store here!!

  10. Pop

    Decided to try one at an event in late November and long story short it was a great night 5 out of 5 highly recommend

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